Aura Seeing Fest Feb 2016


Here’s a juicy bit of inspiration to complement the new energies and upgrades of 2016 for you…

Just a quick post because the Aura Seeing Fest is already underway! There are free sessions over the week including powerful meditations, instructions for gazing and a great Aura Seeing paraliminal booster.

If you are looking (excuse the pun!) to deepen your clairvoyance, seeing of energy or psychic abilities, tune in asap.

I am finding the course deeply relaxing – the perfect state for learning to see energy and auras.

…now you just need to locate your headphones for perfect listening!


image by Priya Saighal  




imageThe last leaves of autumn
Peacefully weep at my shoulders
As the monks contemplate their prayer
And I stand in devotional silence
At the light of my soul
The sparkling diamond aperture
Closes on the fall and the harvest
The full mourning moon makes sense of the sweeping of nature’s broom.

There are still so many shades of green in winter.


image by Anna and Michal

The Power of Vulnerability

I have been learning amazing things with Brené Brown’s course The Power of Vulnerability with Sounds True on Udemy.

13 years of her research into shame, vulnerability, empathy and living wholeheartedly. This is powerful stuff!

Brené delivers the course with great stories, humour and real humanness, recognising we all have ‘shame gremlins’ and how we can all build an authentic life with more play, joy, creativity and connection.

This course has been so hugely inspiring, and I would highly recommend!

Link to the course here

And here is Brené of course, back in 2010

India.Arie on Super Soul Sunday

quotes-truth-being-india-arie-480x480I caught up on an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday from 2013.

India.Arie totally inspired me with her humility and grace. Her story evoked the depths of my own, in her journey to find her voice and live truly in her own power. I know the unexplainable drive I feel in my soul, as India.Arie does, because “the thing that matters most is fulfilling my mission on Earth”.

Here is her beautiful song “Break the Shell”: